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Young voters and voters with degrees were more likely to back Labour. Older voters and those with fewer qualifications were more likely to back the Conservatives. But how do the sexes differ when it comes to elections? If we look back over time the gender gap in voting has changed. The British Election Study has data going back to the 1964 general election. In the 1960s and 1970s it found that women were more likely than men to vote Conservative and less likely to vote Labour. It’s not easy to find a definitive explanation. Voting behaviour expert Dr Rosalind Shorrocks, from the University of Manchester, says that one of the reasons behind the difference was that women were more religious than men, and also points to the way they were affected online clothing shopping sites by government policies. “The Conservative Party’s post-war anti-rationing stance appealed particularly to housewives who were managing family budgets,” she explains. So in a close election like 1970, it was probably women voters who sealed the Conservative victory. That trend evaporated in the 1980s – interestingly when the prime minister was a woman – before returning in the 1990s.

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